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05 January 2012 @ 11:21 pm


Pandora Stamps is the new rating community for Pandora Hearts!
Please join if you are a fan of the manga! c:
17 February 2011 @ 10:21 pm

I've finally done with revamp.

New rules
Re-written old themes
New Tags
New Layout
New Profile

Hopefully with all these new rules, aka themes are now always open, there will be more activity.

So...Everyone can post now. More of, everyone is highly encouraged to post now.

Lastly, Obviously have fun. If there's any problems with themes, you can't see the symbols I've used on the apps, layout issues, anything. Let me know.

Poll #1706089 What theme do you want next

Input your choice

If you want to change your asnwers, click the poll no. "Poll #1706089" then click Fill out Poll.

EDIT: Due to some changes on LJ. I recently got this email
Maint stuffCollapse )
13 February 2011 @ 03:31 pm
Ⅰ. Please remember you have to be stamped for your regular app before applying for themes.
Ⅱ. In your subject line when applying for a theme. Please have something to do with Pandora Hearts & the Theme name in it. (eg. Who is my partner from pandora?). Characters' names are also fine. (eg. Elliot, why won't you just be Best Friends with Oz?)
Ⅲ. HTML mode is recommended for filling in all applications. Here are some simple HTML & LJ codes.
Ⅳ. For the Lovechild theme, delete which ever part of the app you don't want to apply for. (Mirror is just one portion, personality is everything before it.) Remember, Leave the Misc section there.
Ⅴ. All themes are always open.
Ⅵ. All other community related rules always apply.

Personality & Mirror
Best Friend
Dress StyleVoice (not mirror)Sibling
12 February 2011 @ 09:28 pm
Seeing as how this comm pretty much... dies all the time.

...? No I'm not closing it, don't over-react.

I'm sending this thing into Hiatus. During that time, I'll be revamping the comm, making new rules, giving this comm a new look.
Stamp makers can continue to make whatever remaining stamps that have to be made, or just make new ones for whatever theme or app. It's entirely up to you guys.

In the mean time...DO NOT POST. I repeat, DO NOT POST ANY NEW ENTRIES.

That is all.

Layout: Complete
Profile: Complete
New Tags: Complete
New Themes page/entries: Complete
(I'm really just making these values up)
Location: test
Mood: working
Music: test
26 January 2011 @ 12:36 am
Hey guys! I just want to remind you that there are people that still need to be voted on if you go H E R E you'll see a list of them <3

Also, I'd like to ask if you could tag your entries with what theme your doing as I haven't exactly gotten the chance to look at all the applications yet and I'm kind of new to the community. They're all in the Que if you look.

I hope I'm not asking to much :3


narutomirror is a Naruto series stamping community based on one's appearance (you post your pictures and members tell you who is a character that resembles you the most), it just re-opened recently so please join now and make sure it will stay active :) I assure you will have a lot of fun if you decide to check it out!

24 January 2011 @ 11:07 pm
Amazingly late I say.

I'm currently hiring stamp makers and co-mods. For stamp makers, you may send in (pm) at least 2, at most 3, samples of stamps you've made. It can be previously made or completely new. For co-mods, just simply pm me saying your interested, say how active you are on lj & why you want to apply for co-mod. Neither of which you have to write a long speech, just a few sentences or at most 2 short, like, really short, paragraphs will do. There is no dateline. Any questions? Leave a Comment.

01. To participate in themes, you must have already been stamped for your regular application.
02. Refer to all post theme posts to see the required subject line of any theme. The comm's profile has all the links to past themes. (which may have typos btw)
03. All normal rules of this community still apply. Check the comm's profile if you have forgotten them.
04. If there are 8 other theme applications posted on the same day as you are about to post, please post your theme application the next day. This helps control flooding of apps.
05. Your respective subject lines are: The name of the App, Voice, Partner or Sibling and something related to Pandora Hearts must be included with it. (for example, who will be my mission partner from pandora? or something like that)
06. You may change the cut text.
07. You are not restricted to having only one unstamped app at a time.
08. Any and All previous themes are closed till restamp month. (Next restamp month is in April)

ボイス (Voice)

キョウダイ (Sibling)

パートナー (Partner)

Don't forget to vote~ Being Serious, if everyone's not voting, I'll start moderating apps. If everyone's dead for long periods of time, I send this comm into Hiatus.