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pandora ratings

The Pandora Hearts Rating Comm
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pandora hearts' ratings
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what is pandora_ratings?
Welcome to Pandora_ratings. This is a community where you the applicant fill out an application and are voted on by other people to see which character you are most like in a particular category. In this community, you can be voted as a various number of things according to the theme you are applying for. For example, a character you're most like or look the most like, What chain or type of chain you'd have based on your personality, or which of the four great Dukedoms you'd be in. When you have received five of the same votes, the maintainer(s) will stamp the original poster and end the voting. in doing so you will be given a "stamp" that you can keep or put up in your journal that shows your result for the application/theme.
✂ In order to post in the community. You are required to be a member.

✂ All applications must be under an LJ cut.

✂ Please try to use correct English. It helps in making entries/comments legible and easy to understand.

✂ If you disagree with a character you were stamped as for your regular application. Please wait at least two weeks before reapplying.

✂ Be civilized.

✂ Put your votes in Bold. It's helpful to the mod(s) for checking whether an application has enough votes to be stamped. Also it is highly encouraged to provide a reason, it's nice to know the reason why you have been voted as a character after all. You shouldn't just jump on the bandwagon and blindly follow what everyone else is saying.

✂ You will be stamped after receiving five similar votes. Voters may vote for up to 2 characters for each application.

✂ Do elaborate in your application. It ensures accuracy.

✂ To ensure that you have read the rules. All regular applications are required to have the words "the abyss" in your subject line.

✂ You must vote for three applications prior to posting your own. In the situation where there is none. You may post your application first and edit it later. If the section is not filled when there are enough applications that need votes, you will not be stamped until you have voted and posted the links in your own application. (don't worry too much though, your mod's not too particular about this)

✂ Themes are always open and free for anyone who has already been stamped for a regular application to apply.

✂ You can only have 3 theme applications up at one time. To post another, wait for one of your previous themes to be stamped first.

✂ You may only reapply for themes during re stamp months. Which are March, June, September, December.
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